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The Way the Artist Sees Things:

In graphic novel news, the digital proofs for A Home Without are back from the printer and are looking great! So, as an early holiday gift, digital and physical copies of the book should be going out very soon. For Kickstarter patrons who ordered autographed copies, I'll be signing and mailing those as well, in addition to the original artwork for super-backers. On a side note, here's the latest from Dapper Men in Love:

As a kid, I always loved Donald Glut's work on the original Masters of the Universeeee mini-comics. Here is a link to a recent YouTube video in which he discusses his life and career:

In booky book news, the publisher and I are putting the last few prepress touches on A Home Without. A warm thank you goes out to Sina Grace of Not My Bag and Lil Depressed Boy for providing the graphic novel's foreword. Here is a link to an older interview in which he talks about the creative process for his own projects:

On a side (and completely random) note, why oh why did I not go to see Sophie B. Hawkins? She recently performed a local show at City Winery here in Atlanta. Maybe she will return soon...

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